July 2: Ducks Alumni vs Russian Legends

OMG the worst possible nightmare for a Ducks fan has occurred… the LA Kings won the Stanley Cup.  Ok, I’ll be a good sport.  Congrats to them… it only took them 45 years to win the Holy Grail.  I’m sure some fans probably never thought they’d see the Cup hoisted in LA.  Fortunate for me, the Ducks won the Cup in the first 14 years, not to mention in 2003 they went all the way to game 7 of the Cup Finals.  I can’t really say I’ve “suffered” as a Ducks fan.  Disappointed? Sure..

Now, onto some other hockey topic.  The Ducks alumni is playing the Russian Legends on Monday, July 2nd at Anaheim ICE. Tickets are $10 and I was sent an email from the Ducks to get my tickets in advance (see photo).

After missing 7 weeks of classes, I’ve decided to stop doing yoga.  With this event being on a Monday, I guess its not going to interfere with my yoga commitment.  Sigh.. when will the NHL schdule come out? The new season needs to start pronto!


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