Comedy at Icehouse Pasadena

In the past, I’ve thought Engineers were like my dad. Dry. Dull. Unbearable to be with. I got to work with many in the past. I never paid any attention to them.  Well, today I took Jeff, my weird but loveable Enginerd, to see one of his favorite comics perform at the Ice House in Pasadena, CA.

Don McMillan used to be an engineer, won some national tv talent show, and now does standup for a living. He was tonight’s headliner and did an outstanding job, showing off his skills with the Powerpoint presentation.

Jim Tavare, who was a finalist in The Last Comic Standing, was very funny performing his routine with his cello.  Other comics in tonight’s show were: The MC and warmup guy: Kelsey, musician Jason Love, magician Matt Marcy.

First row: Don McMillan, Jim Tavare, Matt Marcy
Second row: Jim Tavare, Matt Marcy
Third row: Kelsey, Jason Love, and Don McMillan