June 30: San Diego, Seaworld

On June 30, 2012 I went with Jeff to the San Diego Zoo. Neither one of us have been there in years, and we wanted to check out the Sea Turtles and other exhibits.  The weather was perfect, and the crowd was not that bad. 

We skipped most the shows since they’re pretty much the same as before, and we didn’t want to get sun burned. We did watch Cirque Du Mer, a complete rip off of Cirque Du Soleil.  I thought they were leased from Cirque Du Soleil, but according to Du Mer’s web site, they are making themselves out to be unique.  The tricks they did were duplicate of Soleil’s, but the stage was on water,  not in an enclosed tent.

Here’s a collage of our visit

Penguins and Sea Lions
Jeff’s favorite: Turtles
Next visit: The SD Zoo!
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