Sneak peek movie: Rise of the Guardian, Spider-Man, Expatriate

Since Martin left, I have been watching a lot of movie screenings with Karen. They’re previews of upcoming movies which will be released soon. I don’t know why they offer it. The research group don’t ask for surveys, feedback, or even my name.  Perhaps they’re just listening for reaction?
Some movies were better than others. There’s no charge, but you have to get there early and wait in line.  There are line cutters, unfortunately, so you hope you’ll get in. 
A few weeks ago, Karen and I went to see a rough version of RISE OF THE GUARDIANS, about Jack Frost helping Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, and Sand Man fight off the Boogie Man.  I say it was a rough version because some of the scenes were not finished, or the color of the characters were not completely drawn in. 
That same day, we also got to see the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN in IMAX, along with a Q+A session with the director of the movie.  Not bad for free stuff!

Today I have an invitation to see THE EXPATRIATE.  I have never heard of this movie, nor have I seen a trailer.  It may be like Guardians, where the movie is 80% complete. Like any screening they give out more passes than they have seats for.  Hopefully we’ll get in.

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