Izalco Salvadorian Restaurant

Located in the historic downtown Santa Ana is a Salvadorian restaurant called Izalco.  It used to be called Curtido.  A few months ago, they shut down, rennovated the interior, and renamed it.  The staff are still the same, so its just a renaming/ rebranding.

I went there for lunch with Anna and Linda.  The food was ok.  It wasn’t terrible, but not memorable.  Fortunately the food was also very inexpensive. You can get the “County Employee” taco combo for $8.00, which was 2 tacos, rice, salad and a drink. 

I ordered the Salvadorian Pork tamale, similar to the mexican tamale, except they use banana leaves instead of corn husk.  I also ordered the Pork, beans, cheese pupusa, sort of like a stuffed pancake made out of cornmeal.  They also had a rice version of this. Linda ordered a Pork pupusa and a Beef Tostada. 


Top: (left) Pupusa, Tostada
Bottom (left) Pork Tamale, Chicken taco with rice