Damaged jersey from HockeyAttire.com

On July 26, I purchased a Ducks hockey jersey from hockeyattire.com. I’ve never had a white away jersey, so I was pretty excited about getting one.

Finally after a week the product arrived. Much to my horror the contents inside was a white jersey, but it was filthy! It looked like it was stepped on, or dropped on the floor of the warehouse.

There were no packing slips or any kind of contact information inside the box. The number printed on the outside of the box was incorrect. It along to a timeshare company.
Lucky I kept my order confirmation and was able to call the correct number. Unfortunately the store was closed, so I’ll have to wait until they call me back.


I called the store and left a message. They never called me back (figures) so I had to call them again.  The person who answered the phone was less than courteous, but he didn’t argue with me.  He said he’ll send me a replacement jersey and a pick up label for me to ship the damaged jersey back.  We shall see how fast my “replacement” comes.