LA County Fair 2012

Another summer has passed. Wow. The good part of blogging is I get to keep track of the events that happened in my life.  Last year was my first time going to the Fair without Martin.  Yes it was tough, but I survived.  This year I made my annual trip with Karen, and thankfully she got free tickets and parking.
Normally we park in gate 17 (the main gate) but this year I asked Karen to try a different parking lot… lot 9 by the “Blue Gate”.  That gate was closer to the Shopping Pavilion, and was not as busy.

Juicy pork dumplings from “Dumpling Master” in building 9
The main reason we went to the Fair was to visit the food trucks.  Karen got her Empanadas and I got the Porker Sandwich from Piaggio on Wheels.  She also ordered a crepe from Crepe Bonaparte.
Owner, Coli Piaggio (left) and Karen at the LA County Fair

Porker Sandwich without the bleu cheese

Empanadas with chimichurri sauce
A roast piggy on a spit at Juicy’s BBQ
After lunch, we wandered to the Flower and Garden pavilion, where this year’s theme was LONDON.
Flowers in the atrium
Queen Elizabeth portrait made with rice, oats, chives, onion, and seeds.
After three hours at the Fair, we called it quits.  It was scalding hot (last check 92 degrees) and it was getting too crowded.  We left in search for a Starbucks.  Another summer gone, and I survived.