Finding Nemo (the movie) and The Playground for dinner

It was going to be another dateless Saturday night, so I posted on Facebook that I was going to see Finding Nemo, 3D, and if anyone wanted to join me. Gloria responded she would, so we went to the AMC for a matinee showing.
After the show, we went to downtown Santa Ana to see if the Playground could accommodate us without a reservation.  We didn’t realize that there was a huge Mexican Independence celebration going on.  We found parking (for $10!) and made our way to the restaurant.  Hillary was kind enough to “create” a space for 2 for dinner.

Tempura Eggplant with chili and honey glaze

Uncle Lou’s dirty chicken

House Salad
Lomo Saltado

Potato with hatch chilies taquitos

Bread Pudding
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