The Sessions

I went to the Arclight in Hollywood with Richard to see the movie “the Session”. All I can say is…. Wow!

It’s based on a true story about a man with polio, and while he can’t move, his mind is still very sharp and he still has feelings like any normal man. He tells the first woman he loves that he is in love with her, but it’s an unrequited love that she couldn’t reciprocate. He blames his illness and with the encouragement of his priest, learns how to become a sexual human being with the help of a sex surrogate.

Wow. A total beautiful story. It made me feel that every man, disabled or not, should feel that he’s worthy of love. The connection was so raw. Simply awe inspiring.

After the movie, the writer /director of the film did a quick Q&A session. He had polio and walked out with arm braces/ crutches. Seeing that made me see how close this project was to him, and why the critics loved it at the Sundance Festival.

I feel a little sad because I do know someone who doesn’t see his greatness and hope he will let me show him that he’s worthy of that, plus more.