Happy New Year 2013

Its a new year… and I can definitely say that I’m happy about it. While 2011 was a terrible year, 2012 was a certainly little better.  The good part of last year is I met new people, expanded my social circle, and learned more about myself.  Unfortunately the NHL had a labor lockout, so I also learned how to keep busy at the end of the year.

I ended the year with a family trip to Florida with my parents.  We took a 4-day cruise from Tampa to Cozumel, Mexico, and then spent a few extra days in Orlando to do the touristy stuff, like visit Kennedy Space Center, Disney World and Universal Studios. Apologies in advance for the grainy photos.

Cruise terminal

Taking in a 3D presentation

It’s not a trip to Orlando with out a stop at Disney World!  I had some complimentary passes back when I worked at Disneyland, so we had one day to see everything.

First stop: Epcot
Next stop: Magic Kingdom

There’s still time to see the Osborne Family Spectacular of Dancing Lights at the Disney Studios

The next day we went to the Island of Adventure side of Universal Studios, Orlando to see the new Harry Potter section. Fortunately it wasn’t very crowded, and we got to see most of the theme park.

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