Inn on 1st, Napa

I’m sitting in the Inn’s patio enjoying breakfast outside, sipping coffee and contemplating which winery to visit at 10:00.  I already know I’m giving this place 5 stars and I still have another day.

I wanted to take Stephen somewhere for his birthday, and my sister suggested this place.   She loved it so much, she came back.  That says a lot about the quality, since she is so hard to please.

How can a B + B deserve such a great review?
Great breakfast, for one.  It’s not just ordinary bacon and eggs, or even the stereotypical quiche that most B + B’s serve.  Our first day we had a breakfast canoli, and the second day was a breakfast falafel. My sister  heard you’ll never eat the same item twice, as they document what they serve you.

Being said that, this is not a hotel. It’s a bed and breakfast, where the people serving you are most likely the owners, and this is also their home. The home and rooms are taken care of by the same folks who make your food. It’s not Sheraton. If you want a hotel feeling, stay there. Napa has plenty of hotels.

Its also not cheap!  The rooms during the peak season (ie: summer) set me back close to $300 a night.  Was it worth it?  Only the person experiencing it can decide.  As for my opinion? I would most definitely return here and say another weekend.  Excellent service, great mingling with the guests, and attention to details, including dietary needs.  If you enjoy the special touch of an “Inn”, you will fall in love with this place!

Breakfast cannoli

Homemade falafel with poached egg and homemade Lebanese bread
Fair and easy rules to follow, and many complimentary items for the guests.
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