Wild African Trek at Disney World

In my last visit to WDW, my friend Roger and I took the Animal Kingdom behind the scenes tour, thinking it was THIS tour with the up close to the animals in the savanah.

So fast forward to September 12, 2013,  and WDW was offering a discount to passholders if you took the afternoon tour.

I opted to not save money and took the earlier tour due to heat. Animal Kingdom, if you’re not aware, seems to be hot all the time. The trek is not cheap, and I am not sure if I would say its worth the price. But everything in Disney costs, so I’m giving this 4 stars because I had a lot of fun, and we received a ton of great pictures as part of our tour.

For those worrying about the walking, its not strenuous at all. I’m not the best of shape, and I was not huffing and puffing. The walk is brisk but not overly extertive, and they also have a lesser impact one for those who don’t think they can do the hike. But, if you’re in DECENT shape, I say do the walk. There’s also a potty break mid way, and a chance to have a snack, and freshen up. They also give you a cantina of water (to keep) and you’re always hydrated.

There is a weight restriction as you’re in gear and harnesses. The vest they give you has all the equipment you need, and they’ll give you a locker to store your purse and loose articles. Please use it!! You are out in the open, and if you think your precious iPhone won’t fall into the alligator pit, think again! (No it did not happen to me.. I did lock up).

Overall if you’re into animals, and have the time and money for a tour, go for it. Wear closed toe shoes (Mandatory, I believe). I wore my Tom’s canvas shoes and they were fine.

Let them know of your dietary needs. I’m lactose intolerant, and my friend had to be low carb, and they did a great job.