Happy New Year!

2014 is indeed a Happy New Year so far.  I’ve been dating Stephen now for a year, and things couldn’t be better.  I can’t believe how painful it was 2 years ago, and as the cliche goes, time heals all wounds.
Last year I did a lot of traveling, and shared a lot of experiences with Stephen.  We went to Las Vegas, Vancouver, Alaska, and Northern California/ Wine Country.  We also did road trips to Minnesota, Chicago and St. Louis, cheering the Ducks to victory, and also landing ourselves on television.

The United Center in Chicago, IL

On January 13, we celebrated our 1 year anniversary, by having dinner at Yami Tea House.  It felt like we’ve been together longer, because we’ve done so much in such as short time. 
I’m very happy to have met Stephen, and hope that we will continue this great relationship, and continue to travel to many places, and take in many Ducks hockey games.