Berlin Mauer East Side Gallery before going to Frankfurt

Its our last day in Berlin, and our next destination was Frankfurt, which is about a 5 or 6 hour drive.. equivalent from LA to San Francisco. After breakfast, we got our car rental from Sixt and stopped at the Berlin Wall before heading out. Most of the Berlin Wall is gone, but there is a patch still standing, located about a 15 minute drive from the city center. a3

We didn’t know where to begin, so we just stopped at an area where we could park our car, and take some quick photos.

Stephen went to the West side of the Berlin Wall to take a photo as well.

Frankfurt Bound

Traveling on the autobahn reminded me when I traveled in France. There’s rest stops where you can use the public toilet and let your dog out (like here in the US) or you can go to a restaurant to get a bite to eat and use the toilet.  We stopped at a Burger King just outside Berlin and was surprised that you had to pay 50 cents to use their toilet.

Unlike the free toilet, these were very clean because after each cycle, the toilet “cleans” itself with a robotic arm. The kiosks spits out a voucher, which you can save up to buy food or drink at participating places that has a Sanifair washroom.


We arrived in Frankfurt just before nightfall, and checked into the Flemings Hotel.  The rooms are large, but quite odd in that your shower is literally in the middle of the bedroom.  The hotel has free wifi and breakfast, and onsite parking (for a fee) and they put on the side table their signature apples.

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