Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill, Las Vegas

Las Vegas used to be a town to get cheap meals.  Well, looks like I am dating myself as now when you visit Sin City, it is the town where you can find celebrity restaurants serving up gourmet food at gourmet prices.

British celebrity chef and tv personality, Gordon Ramsay has a few restaurants in Las Vegas, with one being the Pub and Grill located inside Caesar’s Palace.  Like most of his restaurants, it will set you back more than a few bucks. However, if you have a Total Rewards card, you get a discount and you can pay with your casino points. Even if you are not a gambler, sign up for the card (it’s free) and use it at the shops and restaurants that are owned by Caesar’s Entertainment. The card is good at not just Caesar’s Palace, but also Harrah’s, Bally’s, Paris, Planet Hollywood, Flamingo, Linq, and Rio. 

Another helpful tip is to go on Open Table and make a reservation. It just makes things easier, and you also get 100 points toward your OT account.

Not familiar with Open Table? It’s an online reservation site where you get points for booking your table with them. You get at least 100 points but on some occasion, they will give 1000 point to lure you during the restaurant’s slow time.  When you rack up those points, you can cash it in toward any Open Table restaurant. There is a catch. Many restaurants will offer the booking system on the restaurant’s site.  Do not use that link. Go directly to opentable.com or use your OT app to book your table.  Using a 3rd party site will not give you credit.

Inside the Dining Area

We came here for lunch, and since we made reservation, we were seated promptly.  We decided starting off with the sea salt malt vinegar crisps. Crisps is the British name for potato chips, and they were served with aioli and vinegar to dip.  It was a tasty, simple starter, which  I wish they gave refills on the crisps.


When dining at a British Pub, its probably safe to say: go with the fish and chips, which were $26, even with the Total Rewards discount. Ouch, pricy!  It was 2 hunks of fish in a light batter, over skinny fries, served on top of a “mock” British newspaper.  They were perfectly fried, not greasy and bigger than I thought.  However, I was disappointed they didn’t have mushy peas (or any peas!) anymore.  Our server said customers didn’t care for them, and they took it away from the menu. 

Stephen had the pie sampler, priced at $18. The 3 pies were chicken pot pie, steak & ale pie, and shepherd’s pie, and he claimed he liked the chicken pot pie the best because it had bacon in it that gave it a smoky flavor.  The size looked a bit small, but perhaps combined as 1 whole pie, it would be an adequate serving.

Pie Sampler

Fish and Chips

Soft drinks were $4 each and it took a while to get the server to refill them.  For $4, I wonder if getting a beer would have been cheaper?  Our lunch came to $57, but since I frequent the Caesar’s properties, and racked up points on my Total Rewards card, our meal was thankfully “free”.  Overall, an enjoyable lunch, but I would only go back if I were to be comp’d again.

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