Pacific Grove: Green Gables House, a Four Sisters Inn

Breathtaking view of the ocean greets you as you walk toward the front door of the Inn.  Its an old Victorian house dating back to the 1800s owned by the Lacy family, which was the name of the suite we stayed in: Lacy Suite, room 6.

Our room was not what I would consider traditional.  Located literally next to the front door, you’d think it was the house library or sitting room. Before I checked in, I peeked inside, not realizing it was a guest room.  It had a library of books, fireplace, a tv placed on a stand, a couch with an ottoman, and in the next room was a poster sized king bed, but can be closed off with a sliding partition.

When I found out it was our room, I was worried, thinking the noise by the guests would wake us up.  I never heard a peep but I did smell the aroma of bacon the next morning, as our bathroom is literally across the hallway from the reception/ kitchen.

Our room was very comfortable but we were fortunate that the weather was cool and cloudy. Had it been warm, I am sure that the room would have been stuffy and hot as well.  In the armoire, there is a fan and you can crack open windows, but there’s no screens on the windows, so I didn’t’ want bugs to fly in, or make it susceptible for people to let themselves in our room (being it was on the ground floor).  The bathroom was spacious, and our room had a jettub.

This Inn had many nice touches from placing “birthday” balloons in our room for Stephen, had a nice “Happy hour” buffet at 4:30 pm, which included wine, cheese, and other tasty snacks, to the cookies at night (snickerdoodles and chocolate chips).

Nice view with our afternoon snack!

The breakfast was adequate.  It wasn’t the most “gourmet” but they did provide a buffet that had something for everyone, from fruit, oatmeal, bacon, eggs, French toast, bagels, yogurt, and such.

The one criteria for not giving this 5 stars was the parking.  At night, after the beach tourist leaves, you can find parking.  During the day, we circled the block once to find a spot located at the top of the street. Its not their fault there’s not a private lot (as real estate is premium) but at $300 a night, I shouldn’t have to start my vacation getting aggravated over parking.

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