More tourist time before Norfolk, VA

We had to make the most out of our visit, and we had yet to see the White House.  Our hotel was about 2 blocks from the home of our POTUS, so we woke up early (yet again), had a carb filled breakfast, and went to the White House, down the walkway to the Information Center, to the base of the Washington Monument, before grabbing lunch for the bus ride to Norfolk, VA

THIS WAY to the White House
Hello, Mr. President?
The South side of the White House
old water marks
This way to the Washington Monument
the Washington Monument is really tall!

The bus took off a little after 12:00, and the ETA was just a little over 3-hours to the Scope Arena, where the Admirals play.  The Road Crew staff popped in a DVD (I think it was Hoosiers?) and they also had trivia and raffle prizes for the fans to win.

Let’s roll!
Anita won a signed Ovechkin puck

About the 2 hour mark, we stopped at the Kern County Rest Stop, which also had a Visitor’s information center inside.  This was probably the cleanest rest stop I’ve been to in all of the United States!

During the bus ride, there were more giveaways, with the top prize being a signed Perry jersey, which was won by someone in the back of the bus.
Karen won a Kessler photo
Sandy won an Ovechkin puck
Stephen won a Getzlaf puck

Our bus made excellent time, and we spent about a half hour across the street at Baxter’s for drinks and snacks.  Most of us weren’t hungry, as we ate our lunch on the bus.

Finally, we were escorted back to the Scope Arena, where we were given our tickets, and made our way to a pre-game “Meet and Greet” with the Norfolk Admirals Booster Club.

Congratulations, Michelle, in winning a jersey signed by Getzlaf
Stephen with one of their mascot, Hat Trick
Posing with the other mascot, Salty
Group pic with my new friends, Michelle (L) and Veronica (Middle)
View from our seats in sec 121, row D
Fans were amazed we didn’t score!

The Admirals got blanked 4-0, but after the game, the Road Crew fans got to do a “meet and greet” with a few players.  They were polite, and were excellent sports on signing autographs, and taking photos, but you could tell they wanted to go home, as it probably was a long night for them as well.

On the way back to DC, the Road Crew did another “raffle” drawing.  Everyone on the bus won a prize, ranging from signed pucks, signed photos, to autographed programs.  I won an autographed Admiral’s program signed by a number of players.  We arrived back at the hotel a little after 1:30 am.  Fortunately, we asked for an extended check out time of 1:00.  What a busy day for us!

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