Last day: The Washington Monuments

It was our last day, and since our shuttle wasn’t coming until 1:00, Anita, Karen, Stephen and I decided to see the monuments that we saw from the tour bus, such as the Washington Monument, the WWII Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, and so on.

We hopped on the Metro and started off at the Smithsonian station, and walked toward the Washington Memorial.

Last chance for sightseeing!

From the subway, we cut across the mall and found signs leading up to the Lincoln Memorial.  Along the way, we stopped at the WWII Memorial, and cut behind that memorial to get to the Lincoln.

Leaving WWII, heading to Lincoln Memorial

As the Lincoln Memorial came closer, the walk to the top seemed farther.  Plenty of people taking pictures or just sitting on the steps admiring the view of the Mall and the Washington Monument.

View from Lincoln’s chair, facing the Washington Memorial

A few steps from the Lincoln Memorial was the Korean War memorial.  Its a very small area, with statues of soldiers making their way through the brush of “Korea”.  Its not flashy or as grand as other memorials, but I felt that it was more thoughtful and thought provoking.

Korean veteran memorial

From the Korean War Memorial, we made our way to the MLK Memorial, located about 1/2 block away.  Just find the directory and follow the arrows.

Heading to the MLK Memorial

Just around the corner from the MLK Memorial was the FDR Memorial.  Compared to the MLK and Korean War Memorial, the FDR Memorial was much larger and grander, showing his 4 terms in office, his dog and even Eleanor.

At the FDR Memorial

We left the FDR Memorial and headed back to the hotel.  Along the way we stopped at the Jefferson Memorial. making a full circle of the various memorials near the Mall.

Leaving FDR, heading toward the Jefferson Memorial

Walking away from the Jefferson Memorial