World Trade Center / NYC Financial District

The New Jersey Devils’ game wasn’t until 7:00 pm, so we made plans to visit the World Trade Center in the morning, and then have lunch at Fraunces Tavern, a historic place where Washington gave his farewell speech.

Our tour time was 9:30 am, so we were at Penn Station NJ at 8:00.  Before boarding the train, we grabbed food at the bakery, but didn’t realize that the P.A.T.H. does not allow eating on board the train.  The train took us directly to the WTC, and it was very convenient and inexpensive, only $2.75 one way from Newark.

Bringing breakfast on the train
Leaving Newark via the PATH
Follow the crowd to the WTC
Upstairs to the WTC
You can also go left to the WTC
At the Memorial which is right in front of the museum.
Steel beams from the original WTC
Escalators taking you downstairs to the museum
Free coat check
A steel beam from the original WTC
The stairs which helped the survivors
Part of the communication tower from the original WTC
The wreckage from falling debris
A helmet belonging to a FDNY captain, who didn’t take it during the response
The heat was so intense it bent this beam
Former beams from the original WTC

Outside the WTC was the other footprint memorial, and the Survivor’s Tree

The Survivor Tree

After we finished the World Trade Center, we had a little time to kill before our brunch reservation.  We wanted to find the Charging Bull of Wall Street, but ended up taking the wrong turn, and finding the New York Stock Exchange and Wall Street itself, and then realizing that the restaurant was just a 10 minute walk away.


Fraunces Tavern

After lunch at Fraunces Tavern, a few group members headed back to the hotel, while Sandy, Wally, Anita, Karen, Stephen and I went to Battery Park, and then to find the Charging Bull before heading back  on the PATH to Newark.

The Sphere
Korean War memorial
View of the One World Trade Center from Battery Park
Heading up toward the Charging Bull
Stephen and The Bull
Anita representing the Ducks
Freedom Tower in the background
Follow the sign to PATH
Stephen got a girl’s number
Heading back to Newark
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