Game 2 ends with a loss in triple OT

Game 2 was on Tuesday, May 19.  After the loss on game 1, we knew that the Chicago Blackhawks would be coming toward us in full force.  They scored 2 unanswered goals in the 1st period, making the fans feel really uneasy about the game. Fortunately, the Ducks regained their composure and tied it in the 2nd period.  Unfortunately, that would be the last goal, as the game didn’t just end in the 3rd period, but lasted almost 3 overtime periods.  In the end, the Ducks lost 3-2 in triple OT but this made it the longest game at the Honda Center.

The lucky beads and the lucky beer only helps during regular game time

Period 4 : the first OT
Period 5: the 2nd OT

With 3:48 left to go in the 3rd OT, the Blackhawks scored

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