Getting my Marie Callender’s comfort food

Marie Callender’s is known for American comfort food, and best known for their delicious pies, whether it is their chicken pot pie or their flaky fruit pies.  Over the years, I stopped going here because the portions were too big, and well, the prices were also just too high, especially for a coffee shop/ casual dining place. 

The restaurant chain must have realized the decline in sales, and recently they changed their menu and added a “Crave and Save” value menu with smaller portions, and prices ranging from $6-$9. In addition, they added a smaller priced version of their popular Chicken Pot Pie and called it a Trio Combo for $9.99, which is a small Caesar salad, a petite version of the Pot Pie, and a slice of pie for dessert (fresh fruit excluded).
Value Menu

Karen and I needed to stop at Walmart, and came here for dinner, and also to watch game 4 of the Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Chicago Blackhawks hockey game.  Origially I was going to get the Pot Pie, but after perusing through the new “Crave” menu, I opted for the Open faced hot turkey sandwich for $9,  while Karen went for the Chicken pot pie combo.
One big piece of corn bread.. to share
The $9 open faced turkey sandwich
Part 1 and 2 of the Pot Pie Trio

Part 3 of the trio:  Dessert!

Overall, a pleasant experience.  The prices are much more affordable, and the portions are what we “should” be eating.  I hope that Marie Callender’s keep this menu option.