Sixt #GutentagAmerica contest

I like entering contests, and sometimes I get a bit lucky. There’s a car company we used in Europe called Sixt, and I’ve been following the sister company SixtUSA after coming back from Germany. They had a five week contest, and I entered a bunch of Instagram pictures hoping to win. Well, after the Fourth of July weekend I received a tweet:
The tweet came at 5 o’clock in the morning (my time), and I did not respond until almost 10 AM. After a full day went by , I received the following response at midnight:

There was more to the direct message, but pretty much it was telling me I won a free seven day rental for Mercedes-Benz E class or comparable. They asked for my permission to use the Instagram photo (which I have yet to see), and they also asked for my email and home address. They will be sending me the information on how to clean my prize shortly. How cool is that?

Here is the advertisement for the contest, and the photo I submitted which won me the prize.

The winning photo


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