Starbucks has wireless charging pad

Starbucks is offering customers a new way to charge up your drained tablet or phone with a wireless charging station.  While not all locations has this yet, this one was available at the Wildomar, California location, off Clinton Keith Road on the 15 freeway.
Its very easy to use.  Find a table which has the wireless charging pad. Insert the ring which fits your phone or device, set on the wireless pad and when the green light comes on, its charging!
The downside of this is the charging speed is slow.  I don’t know if it was my pad or that is how it is, but if you need to charge your phone, some power is better than none, I guess?
The charging pad
Select the correct ring; 30 pin, USB or Lightning
Select your connection


Plug the ring into your device, and set on the charging pad

The green light indicates it is charging

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