Influenster Wellness VoxBox

Influenster sends out products for people to try, so they can get the consumer feedback. Most of the products sent are full size items, and are already being sold in the commercial market, and currently advertised on TV.

The program is free to join, and they will randomly send out a questionnaire to see if you qualify for the sample products. Products can range from health and beauty items, technology items, to baby/ child items.  Apparently, I qualified for the latest box, or vox as they call it, the Wellness VoxBox.

Contents of the Wellness VoxBox

Five full sized and one sample sized products came inside the VoxBox delivered to my doorstep:

– New product by Jergens: Wet Skin moisturizer (@jergensUS) 10 fl. oz.
– Olay Active Botanical Refreshing Gel Cleanser (@OlayUS) 3.3 fl. oz.
– ATTITUDE hair care (@ATTITUDEliving) 12 fl. oz.
– Colgate Enamel Health mouthwash 8.4 fl. oz.
– New by MyUrgentRx, urgentRx Ache and Pain relief to go in a 1 powder pack

Sample size
– ATTITUDE dishwashing liquid
In addition, I received information on Yaye group fitness, an app promoting fitness motivation of family and friends (@YayeApp), including a trial invitation to try this app for a week.

In exchange for trying these products, Influenster asks participants to blog, vlog or YouTube their experiences or their feedback. My first task was to promote the newest Jergens product: the wet skin moisturizer. Supposedly, get twice the moisturization in half the time. 

Give your skin the moisture it wants when it wants it – right after you shower. Simply apply before you dry and say hello to hydration and luminous skin.

The directions were quite simple: 

I gave the product a try.  Normally, I do not use a moisturizer after showering, so this product was completely new to me. The first thing I noticed was the fragrance. The product had a very nice aroma, a subtle floral scent, but not overly fragrant. It reminded me of a nice, clean body wash. I would definitely not classify it as masculine. 

I applied a dime size amount, as stated in the instruction, on my wet arms. The lotion glided easily over my skin, but I noticed it had a slight greasy effect on my hands, especially when I picked up the bottle to reapply the lotion. I did not like the feeling of the greasy after-effect. It reminded me of getting a hot oil treatment a massage place, and forgetting to shower off. 

The instructions said to leave it on, but instead I took soap and warm water and washed it off. I was not comfortable with the oily feeling on my clothes.

Unfortunately, I am not a fan of this product, but would recommend if you are someone who uses a hydration product after showering.