Chameleon cold-brew coffee

Cold Brew coffee is now a very popular coffee method that is popping up everywhere.  Starbucks released their version this summer, and many organic stores like Whole Foods and Mother’s Market has a refrigerated section dedicated to bottles of cold crew coffee.  So when we saw this at Target, we knew that it was definitely a main stream beverage.

Target offered a 16 oz. concentrated cold brew coffee by Chameleon for $5.49, that makes 4 servings.  We decided to give it a try as they boldly posted on the bottle:


What is Cold brew coffee?

Many people think cold-brew coffee is the same thing as iced coffee.  Not true!  The term “cold-brew” refers to how the coffee is brewed, not the temperature of the final product.  For cold-brew coffee, the grounds are soaked in cold water for at least 16 hours vs. traditional coffee, which is brewed quickly in hot water.

After the coffee is soaked in cold water is then pressed. It naturally seems sweeter due to its lower acidity because the coffee beans in cold-press coffee never come into contact with heated water, the process of leaching flavor from the beans produces a different chemical profile from conventional brewing methods. There are also high levels of caffeine in a cup of cold brewed coffee compared to hot brewed coffee.

Chameleon offers a variety of coffee:

Black: Our original Black cold-brew is a custom roast of Central/South American 100% organic, fair trade certified coffee beans for a deliciously smooth coffee experience. The “OC” (Original Chameleon) is like your best friend: classic, awesome, tried and true. Concentrate; Ready-to-Drink

Mocha: It’s amazing what just a touch of cocoa extract will do to highlight the chocolate notes already found in our original cold-brew coffee. Give this baby a try and taste for yourself – our Mocha cold-brew is chocolaty and smooth to the last drop! Concentrate; Ready-to-Drink

Vanilla: A hint of lightly sweetened vanilla gives our original cold-brew coffee an extra special, bright but smooth cold-brewed finish. This dude may be Vanilla, but he’s definitely not plain. (See what we did there?) Concentrate; Ready-to-Drink

The small, 4 serving bottle

Preparing the concentrated coffee was quite easy.  The 4 serving bottle had serving markers on the side of the bottle.  Add equal part water to the concentrate, add milk and sugar, and serve hot or cold.  Of course, a serving size is not a big “super:” size, but a 6 or 8 ounce serving, but it makes an unbelievably smooth, delicious cup of coffee.

Add ice to the concentrate

Add water + milk and sugar

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