The LAX Cellphone Waiting lot

At least once in your life, you’re probably asked to pick up someone at the airport. If you have never been in that situation, consider yourself lucky.  This particular weekend, we were asked to pick up Stephen’s niece and mother from a flight arriving at Los Angeles International (LAX) at 9:00 pm.

We decided to arrive at 9:00 pm (the arrival time) as they will need to disembark the plane, probably use the women’s room, and then wait for their luggage at baggage claim.  Rather than circling the arrival zone, which is always congested with cars, shuttles, and buses, we chose to wait at the LAX Cellular Waiting Lot, located right next to Parking Lot C.

LAX sign off Sepulveda and the 105 freeway
The location of the LAX Cell Phone Waiting lot is not easy to find.  There are signs posted, but they are small, and the road is dark.  So, key in the address:6221 W 96th St, Los Angeles, CA and the GPS will lead you directly to the lot.
The lot is right next to Parking Lot C, across from a Wally Park.  When we arrived on a Saturday night, we were not the only cars in the lot.  Over a dozen cars were waiting for their phone call to come and get their family or friends.
Getting to the LAX terminal was easy.  Upon exiting the Waiting Lot, turn LEFT, and then LEFT onto the bridge.  Stay on the RIGHT lane for the arrivals, turn right and find the appropriate terminal.  The difficult part is trying not to get hit by the bus and pick up shuttles, and trying to merge into the right terminal.  
Stopping at the Cell Phone Waiting Lot is the way to go to pick up someone.  Unfortunately, there is no shade and no toilets, but the location is ideal if the person you are picking up has already landed, and you need a place to wait for a few minutes, rather than circling around LAX.

View from the Cell Phone Lot

Inside the Cell Phone Lot

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