Aliso Viejo: Jimboys tacos

In 1954, Jim and Margaret Knudson converted a 16-foot trailer into a mobile kitchen. In 1961, a permanent taco stand was opened at Denio’s Auction Yard in Roseville, California, and today, though not in that same small taco stand, the Knudson family is still selling tacos during the busy weekends at Denio’s.

In the years that followed, another location was opened in downtown Sacramento, California and shortly after, in 1965, Jimboy began franchising. About 2 weeks ago, a Jimboy’s franchise opened up in South Orange County, located near the 73 freeway, off Aliso Creek and Glenhurst, literally next door to a Shell gas station convenient store. There’s about a dozen tables, and most of the customers seem to take their food to go.

Jimboy’s posted their Taco Tuesday special on Facebook: 2 Jimboy’s tacos and a medium soda for $5, so I came here to check out this popular, Northern California taco place. I have heard so much hype from people in the Sacramento area, claiming how great the tacos are. So, like many places, this didn’t quite live up to the “hype”.

Different types of tacos

Jimboy’s Facebook post

The tacos weren’t bad, its like getting a soft and a hard taco in one. The edge of the tortilla were toasty crispy (reminded me of the taco from Jack in the Box’s tacos) but the center part of the tortilla was soft. On one side of the taco is dusted with Parmesan cheese, and the inside of the taco has the ground beef, lettuce, and American cheese, possibly with more Parmesan cheese.

The tacos aren’t plump, and the meat consistency reminded me of Tito’s Tacos in Culver City. In fact, it was sort of like a Tito’s experience, except Tito’s provided a lot more cheese in their tacos. Unfortunately, both Tito and Jimboy’s Tacos failed in flavor, where the tacos could not stand alone on its own without the use of salsa, hot sauce or some sort of taco sauce to give it flavor.

Surprisingly, the 2 tacos and soda did fill me up. I didn’t leave stuffed, but I honestly can say I wasn’t hungry. So, for that, I’ll give this $5 taco Tuesday meal a thumbs up. Quite honestly, these tacos were just ok, and really needed salsa to add flavor, and not worth driving 40 minutes for cheap eats.

The Jimboy’s taco
Inside doesn’t look like the media picture
Located next door to the Shell gas station store

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