Salzburg, Austria : Sacher cafe

As stated in the prior post, we stopped at the Cafe Sacher, home to the original Sacher-Torte, a world famous chocolate cake with a well kept recipe since 1832.  The hotel and cafe are located in Salzburg at Schwarzstrasse 5-7, just steps from Mozart’s residence.

The hotel has hosted dignitaries and celebrities from New York mayor Koch, the Dali Lama, Julie Andrews, Tom Hanks, Liza Minnelli to classical music conductors, none of whom I could tell you who they are. Upon walking in, you’re transformed inside a quaint, picturesque cafe with the son of Salzburg, Mozart, playing on the speakers.


Unlike in America, where you are quickly seated and served, you almost feel invisible as servers walk past you. Just find a table, wave your hand to place your order, and your food also appears in minutes. We sat at a window table, and enjoyed a great view.

We decided on sharing the famous Sacher-Torte chocolate cake, as I’m not a huge fan of chocolate cake. Stephen had a pot of coffee while I chose a green tea with a tropical flavor, perfect to taking the chill out of a rainy day.

The presentation is very classy, as are the signature dishes they use to serve your drinks. The staff won’t rush you, but will eventually hand you the check. However unlike the initial service, the girl returned quickly to collect the cash. During nicer weather, it’s supposedly nice to dine al fresco by the river. Inside was just fine, and I’m happy to say i can take it off my list of places to visit.


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