Munich day 4: doing laundry at the “Waschcenter”

It’s day 4 of our trip, and we’ve been on the go since we landed. Since we still have 10 days left, we decided to make this our “down day” and just relax.  It was another overcast day, so we decided to do a load of laundry, consisting of a jeans, a bunch of shirts, socks  and underwear… Filling up a relatively large reusable bag I had brought from home.

175We located a city “waschcenter” on Yelp, which was about 2 blocks from our hotel. The facility is open from 7:00 am until midnight everyday, and they offer drop off service if you don’t want to wait. In addition, they offer dry cleaning and shirt pressing in 24-hours. Supposedly they have a facility at the Central train center, too.

We were there on a Thursday around 11:00 am and there was only 1 other couple there, who were Americans visiting from upstate New York, and they stop here during their annual visit to the city. They walked this rookie though the process and we chatted while waiting for our laundry.

Pick a machine, pay at the kiosk

To start off pick a washing machine, loaded the clothes, rememberthe machine number and go to the pay kiosk. The regular washing machines were €2,00 to wash (jumbo loading machine €4,00). Don’t have small bills? No worry! The kiosk did provide change if you push the red button on the top.


Adjacent to the kiosk was laundry soap that dispense in a cup for €0.50. After paying, we went back to the machine to add soap, and selected the cleaning cycle.

After the wash was complete, we used one of the blue containers provided by the store to transfer the wet clothes to the dryer, located in the other room. Just like in the wash cycle, you select a dryer, pay the kiosk for the correct machine, return to the dryer and select the heat cycle. It’s €1,00 for 10 minutes and it took 3 cycles to completely dry our clothes.


No one likes to do laundry, but I did have a positive experience using this place.  Now we have clean clothes for the second part of our trip!


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