Erlangen: our Viking River Cruise begins!

228The purpose of our trip to Germany wasn’t to visit Munich, but go on the Viking Var, a Viking river boat cruise which was starting from Erlangen (half an hour from Nurenburg), down the Danube, through Germany, Austria and ending in Budapest, Hungary.

From Munich, we took an ICE train to Erlangen, and then a taxi to the Vikings dock. When we got out of the train station, we flagged a taxi driver who knew exactly where to take us. The taxi ride took about 15 minutes, and cost €14,60.

We were greeted by the Viking staff, given hot towels, checked in and escorted to our room, 214. The ship has 3 levels, and the rooms are small, or shall we say, cozy? There’s ample storage area and they use L’Occitane products for toiletries. You don’t need to bring a Euro to US Adapter as they have both outlets.

Our room was in the middle of the ship, which I felt was an excellent location.  We didn’t get a balcony room, but a French balcony room, which means our sliding door opens up 1/2 way, and its completely open (no screen) but we can’t step outside our room.  Since the weather was cold or cool, we felt we wouldn’t be using a proper balcony much.

After unpacking, it was just shy of 3:00, and the light meal at sunroom was just about over. We arrived just in time to get some pasta, soup, salad, and dessert. On the Viking cruise, beer, wine and soft drinks are included, but only during meal times. Outside the meal time is an extra charge for alcohol or sodas.

After our meal, we wandered around the small ship. We spotted a beverage center where we could get coffee drinks, tea, still and bubbly water, and cookies anytime.  I decided to take a moment to just sit and enjoy the quietness of the ship, and let Stephen ventured outside in the rain to take more photos.

Here’s to part 2 of our vacation… I hope you’re enjoying my adventure.