Off to Erlanger, Germany on a DB Bahn ICE 1606

All aboard! We are leaving Munich by train to Erlanger for our Viking River cruise. We had our last breakfast before crossing the street to the Central Train station for one last time.

Our train is the high speed ICE (inter city express) departing München at 11:17, arriving Nürnberg at 12:59, then departs at 13:07 onto Erlanger, arriving at 13:24.  We arrived early to see the train purr into the station.


We chose to get the first class ticket for a few reasons:

  1. The price wasn’t much higher, and we reserved our specific seats
  2. It came with free wifi (excellent wifi, by the way!)
  3. Supposedly it’s quieter, as usually families sit in 2nd class

Other perk was since we were traveling during a low season, we had our car to ourselves (or so we thought). Somehow the porter allowed some ladies with their young children on our car, as we were empty. Fortunately, they spent most of the time in the concession cart.

This experience was nothing like the horrid Amtrak trip I experienced in Chicago. For one, the train ran very smooth. It felt like we were flying and the train hummed quietly, not make loud ka-chunk locomotive noises. I hate to say it, but you just gotta love German engineering!


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