Nurenburg,Germany : 3 (bratwurst) in a bun, please! 

Nurenburg is known for many things… The famous Christmas market, the Gingerbread Lebkuchen, and Drei Im Weckla, or 3 in a bun sausages.  These sausages are favorites among the Germans and tourists alike, and have been featured in all travel shows. There’s many vendors who sells these sausages, but I went to the popular bratwursthaüsle located behind the St Sebald church.

You can dine there or get a sandwich to go. The sandwich is only €2,50 (if you get it to go) and it is truly a bargain!

I’m  a bargain hunter, so I got mine to go.  Upon entering the dining hall, there’s a window on the right. Place your order, get a ticket.

Walk over to the grill and pick up your bratwurst from the grumpy lady. While waiting, you can smell the smoky meaty char-filled goodness!

There’s condiments next to the pick up area. I didn’t know that I could have asked for sauerkraut. Rookie mistake.  Regardless, the sandwich was cheap and yummy.

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