Viking Var day 2: Nurenburg, Germany

The first port on this Viking Danube River cruise is Nurenburg, or Nürnberg for the German spellers. Included with our cruise is the City tour, which is mainly a bus tour highlighting the once occupied Nazi buildings, and the justice buildings where the Nazi war criminals were tried. The tour also included a visit to the Nurenburg Castle grounds, but not inside, and a walk down to the City Center.

There was an optional tour was for World War II history buffs, taking passengers to the actual sites, where Hitler spoke, the Palace of Justice and other WW2 locations. The cost was €39,00 a person.

We chose the City tour and had a local guide show us the City by bus. I was thankful as it was raining. We started off with a drive by of popular buildings like the bus depot and Opera House, to a quirky firehouse and an ornate cemetery.

We also drove past various landmarks used by Hitler, and even the Justice Palace, but it was hard to take pictures from a moving bus. After the Nazi part of the bus tour, we shifted to the Nurenburg Castle, and walked inside the grounds.

We didn’t go inside the actual castle, but we stop get get a great view of the City. From the castle, we could spot the St. Sebald Church, and the Frauenkirche, home to the famous Nurenburg Christmas Market.  Click the video below for a view.

We quickly walked through the castle grounds, and headed down the cobblestone path from the castle, past the old zoo, past St. Sabald church, then City Hall to the City Center. That walk from the Castle took about 20 minutes.

Next door to St. Sebald is the City Hall. From there, it was just a 3 minutes walk to the city center, and the market. We had until 12:15 (over an hour) to wander the City before heading back to the bus.

Since we had an hour to explore, Stephen and I decided to walk about the open air market.  It was the closest we could get to the famous Christmas market, without having to be there during Christmas season.  If only we were here just a month or so later… oh well, bucket list for next time.

Afterward, went to the Bratswursthausle for their famous sandwich: 3 im Weckla, which are 3 small bratwurst in a bun, which I recommend that you should try if you’re in Nurenburg.

Afterward, that really didn’t leave us much time except to take a few more pictures, before boarding the tour bus back to the ship.  Stephen wandered the square, while I popped into the McDonalds to use their wifi, and to get a drink.  If you purchase something, McDonald’s will give you a code for their toilets.

Back on the Viking Var

At 12:30 we left Nurenburg and took a bus to Roth, where we met up with our ship and departed for our next destination: Regensburg. When we boarded the ship, we were handed a cup of warm Glühwein which is warm wine with spices.  This drink is very popular during the Christmas market, as people will buy a cup and walk around with the warm drink in their hands.

Back in our stateroom, we were greeted with life vests on our bed for the safety drill at 5:45. Right now, lunch.

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