Day 5: Dining on the Aquavit Terrace

On the Viking Var, you can have 2 choices for dining: in the formal restaurant or at the Aquavit Terrace, a casual area next to the bar and piano lounge.

After 4 days of eating in the formal dining room, sharing a table and making small talk with strangers, we decided to be a little anti social on day 5 and eat our lunch at the Terrace in peace and quiet. The lunch was a buffet, and the selection was pretty limited, but surprisingly tasty.  Some items were: Grilled chicken, curry chicken wings, some salad medley, fresh fruit kebobs, seasoned fries and a cottage cheese type dessert.

It was such a nice experience to just enjoy some quiet eating time, we did it again for dinner. This time, we were literally the only ones in the terrace. It was still waiter service, with a smaller preset menu. While the variety of food just wasn’t quite there, we liked the peace and quiet more.

Stephen and I ordered a burger and fries with a Diet Coke for me, beer for him. It wasn’t the best burger I’ve had, but it was comfort food. Even though it wasn’t on the menu, we asked (and received) the dessert that was offered in the main dining room, which made eating here even sweeter.


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