Budapest airport

So, our Lufthansa flight is at 6:30am, and we arranged for a taxi at 4:00. The taxi from Budapest is a flat rate of €30,00 and the ride took roughly 30 minutes.  We left 10 minutes before our scheduled time, and the streets were empty. Driving out of the city, I was surprised the discotheques were still opened and the “young people” we’re hanging outside socializing and smoking. Ah, to be 20-something again.

We pulled into the airport at 4:20, and when we walked in, there was a huge mob. Fortunately I spied a Viking employee milling around and asked her where Lufthansa counter is. It was the far left counter. Fellow Americans were trying to figure out how to use the check in kiosk. Thank goodness I just used the Lufthansa app to check in. The line to queue to check in my luggage wasn’t long, but I glanced sideways and the mob still had not dissipated.

We assumed that we would be checking one bag. Apparently, carry on luggage has a weight limit of 7kg, or roughly 15 lbs. I was over the weight limit with 13kg. Yikes, I had my souvenirs packed in the carry on, including my Starbucks mugs. What do you do? I went ahead and checked in the fragile stuff and wished for the best.

The TSA line came next. We were lucky it was empty. Shoes stay on unless you have boots. Belts and jackets come off, too. It went quite smoothly and fast… it was only 4:45.

What to do with 1.5 hours to kill? Shop! We roamed the duty free store and picked up some last minute stuff.  Now, we are waiting for boarding at Gate A5… ready to go home.

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