Budapest: St. Stephen’s Basilica and the Holy Right Hand

St. Stephen was the first king of Hungary, circa 975- 1038. His name is all over the country and supposedly a relic, as in part of his hand, is located here as well.  It’s a nice church and after seeing so many churches the past week, I was becoming numb to its beauty.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved it, but if you have been following me through the trip, beautiful churches are a plenty in Europe.

One thing that this church had that others did not was the relic of St. Stephen, so that was worth checking out.

Today was a national holiday, so most of the stores were closed.  Touristy places, such as this Basilica, was open, and the public took advantage of it.  We shuffled into the church, and there was a sign suggested the donation is €1,00. People dropped coins in the bucket as they entered.  I didn’t quite have €2,00 so I tossed in one plus whatever coins I had left from the trip.  As my Stephen said: we donated our toilet money to the church.

 The Chapel in the back had his relic and it was enclosed in a case.

In the back of the church was a door way leading to a small chapel.  The chapel had a few pews and along the wall were stained glass windows featuring Saints that were important to Budapest, such as Margaret, who has a bridge named after her.

Just past the altar is a case, and inside was the supposed relic of St. Stephen.  Every few minutes the case would light up, and you can see the hand.  Pictures were allowed, as long as there was no flash.  If they caught you using flash, there would be a penalty charged.


The relic is inside this glass case   

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