The Peppermint tea experiment

There’s that cliche: you get what you pay for. I’ve found that this can apply to some things like clothes, cars, service, and even food. But does this apply to something like tea?

When I was in Europe, I started drinking peppermint tea to soothe my throat from a  budding cold. I really enjoyed the tea, that I went to Whole Foods to find a box for home.

We came across 2 brands which were “purely” peppermint, one was an inexpensive brand called Traditional Medicinals, and the other pricier brand called Stephen Smith tea makers.  

 Upon opening the sachets, the pricier one was in a mesh bag with larger chopped leaves compared to the standard tea bag filled with fannings (smaller, almost powder like) leaves.  

 After adding the gently boiled water, there was a slight color difference in the beverage.  The pricier is slightly darker.  

 So how did it taste? The cheaper brand seemed minty, while the pricer one had a greater menthol taste. 

Was it worth the big price difference? For me, no. It was not a big enough of a difference to tell.  Now that I know there’s not a huge difference, I would go for the lower-priced one, or stick to a brand that I prefer like Numi.


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