Fullerton: Mariscos Clemente

It is good to be back in Southern California. Don’t get me wrong, I love traveling the world. However, after 2 weeks of eating German with some Turkish and Greek tossed in, along with Austrian and Hugarian food, this SoCal girl wants Mexican food!  

 I’m not talking Taco Bell or Chipotle! I want that hole in the wall, mom n pop restaurant that has Rock en Español  blaring on the speakers, and the waitress serving up housemade tortilla chips and salsa, along with bottles of various hot sauces on the table.

It was only 48 hours ago I was freezing in 40-degree weather. Now it’s 86-degrees and I want something cool, refreshing and basically comfort Mexican food. For me, I’m talking Mexican shrimp cocktail!  

 Most places serves the cocktail in a cute martini or icecream glass. I’m not looking for cute, but quantity! This girl is hangry and Mariscos Clemente in Fullerton has a large serving of shrimp cocktail in a large soup bowl, easily 32-48 ounces of seafood goodness.  

 Add a few shakes of a picante sauce (Tapatío is my preference), some ketchup, squirt of lime, mix it up and my craving has been satisfied, for the time being.