Torrance: Seaside Palace Persian

I live in Orange County, where there’s no shortage of any ethnic food, particularly Persian.  Apparently there’s only a handful in Torrance, and Seaside Palace being one of perhaps six places which is Persian/ Iranian in a 5 mile radius.

It was a Saturday night, and raining.  I wasn’t in the mood to dine in, so we called in for a Chicken- Beef Koobideh combo, and requested an extra tomato. We have been to places where they charge one price if you ask for a beef (or) a chicken koobideh, but if ask for one of each, the place up-charges you a buck or two (ahem, Fanoos!).  So when we found out that Seaside didn’t up-charge us for this request, we were quite happy.  Apparently, the prices aren’t so flexible for one extra tomato.  When we went to pay for the order the lady said $17 and change. What?  The koobideh combo was $12.95.  Apparently extra tomato(es) are $3 more.  Wow, that was sticker shock. I thought a tomato would be a buck more at the most, but oh well, we should have asked when we ordered.  I asked her how many came in a side and she said I put 3 in the box, which I assumed we were getting 4.

When we got home, we had 3 tomatoes in the box (so the side order came to $1.50 each extra tomato) and we were given a brown bag with just 1 pita bread, 1 pat of butter, 1/4 onion and a small container of sumac. I was a bit disappointed because many places I’ve been to gives at least 2 or 3 pitas or lavash.  I was a bit disappointed for what we got for take out.  I am not a first time customer as I have been to Seaside Palace but for lunch, and their lunch specials are fantastic.  For less than $10 you get a ton of food, and plenty of bread. I guess for take out, they don’t offer as much.  I think I’ll stick to this place for lunch, and find some other place in the South Bay for dinner or take out.







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