Chino Hills: Bruxie

Bruxie is a new take on a waffle and a sandwich, but the waffles used  at Bruxie is not supposed to be sweet or savory. They’re airy and crisp, so you can use it in place of bread for sweet or savory sandwiches.

How did they get the name Bruxie?

Per the website: In French, Brussels is spelled “Bruxelles”; so Brux comes from the French spelling. Belgie is a Flemish term for Belgium and also used as a slang term for a waffle. We combined the “Brux” with the “ie” from a Belgie and incorporated the umlaut (two dots over the “e” from German, which is also common language in Belgium) and the dot for the “i” (English artistic license) and we came up with Bruxie. The color of the three dots represent the colors of the flag of Belgium.

On the restaurant’s Facebook page, Bruxie has been advertising their Chicken and Waffle skillet, and it was being offered only at the Chino Hills and Santa Monica location.   Stephen and I drove up to the Chino Hills location with the purpose to try their skillet. Originally the skillet was offered after 4:00, but thankfully they changed it to being offered all day.  I ordered the skillet, while Stephen ordered the week’s special: the Carnitas Torta.



The Chicken and Waffle skillet was $3 more than the traditional chicken Bruxie, but I  discovered it was also a much larger serving. The skillet had 4 pieces of boneless buttermilk chicken, however only 1/2 of a waffle. The chicken also had a slight kick to it, and it was infused with rosemary and other spices.  Unlike the chicken Bruxie, it was meant to be eaten with a fork and knife, as syrup is drizzled over the chicken and a dollop of butter is on the waffle.

The Carnitas Torta was a Bruxie with Slow-Roasted Pork, Black Beans, Cotija Cheese, Fresh Guacamole, Shredded Romaine, Chipotle Mayo and Salsa Fresca. It has a slight kick to it, but was another great choice.




Bruxie serves up other savory items including burgers and other sandwiches.  They also have sweet versions with the Banana Foster as one of my favorites.  There’s also their dairy treats like their Wisconsin Custard, and coffee drinks.  The Chino Hills location is at the Shoppes at Chino Hills, next door to Barnes and Noble.  Parking can be difficult, but if you want one nearby.
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