La Mirada: Pieology for Valentine’s Day

We came here on Valentine’s Day, and at 7:00 pm, the restaurant was relatively empty. Sure, I don’t couples to flock here as the most romantic place, so it was a bonus for us that it was quiet.

The price of their pizza went up to $8.45, but it’s still a bargain since you can create your own pizza with unlimited toppings.  The young lady was polite, but really wasn’t the most outgoing or friendly.  I wanted her to make my tomatoes in a shape of a “heart” for Valentine’s day, and it looked like she took every ounce of strength to appease me. Or, did she forget its Valentine’s Day? Hey.. show me some love.

The staff didn’t seem to care where they put their ingredients.  I asked for corn and the girl tossed it on my pizza.  She really didn’t care to balance the ingredients, or to make my pizza look appetizing.  The ingredients were landing everywhere, including back onto the food pass. Can we say, cross contamination? The pizza was a bit overcooked, and well, burnt underneath.  My fingers had black residue after eating a slice.

Overall it was just ok. I can’t complain, since our pizzas were free, but I think I’ll stick to the Fullerton location.


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