La Habra: Pho Ly Vietnamese

Bún is a cold rice vermicelli noodle dish topped with grilled pork, fresh herbs like basil and mint, lettuce, bean sprouts, topped with crushed peanuts, pickled carrots, grilled sausage or shrimp, and covered in fish sauce. It was a 90 degree California day, and I was craving this refreshing dish. I looked up restaurants in my area and Pho Ly in La Habra came up.

In addition to serving bún, Pho Ly has hot noodle soup dishes like pho, and bún bo hue, but with a slight modifications for their non Asian clientele.  For one, they don’t add pigs feet or blood pudding to their bún bo hue, and they tone down herbs such as mint or lemongrass in their condiments.

When you check in on yelp, you get a free appetizer.  We chose the pork and shrimp spring rolls, served with a peanut dipping sauce.  For lunch, Stephen had their shaken beef, and I had the bún, both choices were a good deal for $8.00.

The place should not be compared to Vietnamese places in Little Saigon, as its definitely Americanized. It does the trick if you need a pho or a bún fix, and they have reasonable prices, and even $5 lunch specials.

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