Hainan Chicken at Savoy Kitchen

Hainan chicken is a dish originally from Hainan province in southern China, but is now more associated with Singaporean, Malaysian or Vietnamese cuisine.

Located in a tiny corner store in Alhambra, Savoy Kitchen serves pasta and other Chinese dishes, but their specialty is the Hainan Chicken and Rice. The place holds about 10 tables and a counter inside, and a handful of tables in their outside, makeshift patio.

What makes this dish so tasty is the chicken is the cooking method, which involve poaching the entire chicken at sub-boiling temperatures then reusing the broth over and over and only topping it up with water when needed. If not done correctly, the chicken becomes dry, chewy and flavorless.

Savoy Kitchen has mastered this dish and it has become their most popular, signature dish.  It served more commonly with rice cooked in the chicken broth, and on the side are  dipping sauces of red chili and garlic, dark soy sauce and fresh grated ginger. There’s usually 2 lines out the door: one for the dine in customers and the other for the take out.

Street parking is available, and it can be difficult on the busy street.  If lucky, you can find parking in the nearby residential streets. They are closed Sundays.

Savoy Kitchen is located at 138 E. Valley Blvd., Alhambra, CA

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