Torrance: TGI Friday AYCE appetizers

We came here on a Saturday afternoon and wanted to catch the Kings vs Ducks “Freeway Faceoff” hockey game on tv.  The best way to watch a game is to go to a sport bar or bar & grille, because you have access to plenty of drinks and finger foods.

Apparently, TGI Fridays has unlimited appetizers (AYCE) which is perfect for such an occasion.  For $12 a person, you can get as many appetizers you want (from their select menu).  There is a catch.  You can only get 3 appetizers per person at a time.  And, you cannot take home any left overs.

The AYCE menu were FULL size orders of:
– Boneless wings with tons of sauces to choose from
– Cheesesticks
– Pot stickers
– Crispy green beans
– Loaded potato skins
– Braised BBQ Beef tostadas
– Tuscan spinach dip
and BBQ Chicken flatbread

We started off with 7 items, 3 wings, cheesesticks, pot stickers, potato skins, tostadas.

Stella was great… Since we were only able to get 3 apps at a time, she first keyed in 3 orders, waited and keyed in the balance a short time later.  Not only did we get the food in an orderly fashion, it also helped us clear the table when the 2nd wave of food came.

We tried all except the spinach dip and flatbread.  For the wings, we tried BBQ, Buffalo, and PB and J… that’s right, peanut butter and jelly.  It was… different.  I personally wouldn’t order it again.

For the next round, we added another order of the pot stickers and the greenbeans.  I was amazed how yummy the greenbeans were. They reminded me of fried zucchini sticks. Actually any fried veggie is good, so what am I saying?

Our favorites were the pot stickers (we ordered it twice), the cheesesticks, green beans, and the BBQ boneless wings. The ones we did not like was the PB and J and the Tostadas.  The sauce was just too sweet, and then the habanero sauce kicks in, making it too spicy. Not a good balance for our group.

The loaded potato skins were ok because the cheese wasn’t melted, and the skins were a bit cold. The buffalo wings were just ok, too.

Still, overall thumbs up to the AYCE appetizers.  You have to ask for the menu. They didn’t offer it to us until we asked.  It seems they try to push the $4 appetizers in the back of the menu, as its 1/2 orders, smaller portions, and definitely not AYCE.