Diamond Bar: It’s a Grind Coffee House

I needed a place between Fullerton and Chino, and this place fit the bill. The coffee house is located off Diamond Bar and Grand Avenue, a few doors down from Albertson’s market.

I arrived 11:00 am on a Friday, and the place was packed full of computer users.  You’d think you were at a kick back office like Google or something. Don’t these people work?

The inside is nice and cozy, with a fireplace on one side of the store, and 4 oversized comfy chairs on the other.  Scattered tables for 2 or 4 people throughout the store, and 6 tables for 2 along the window, coveted by those needing power.  The tables along the walls were more coveted, and we discovered why: Outlets.. and plenty of them!  No wonder these moochers were kicking back.. fast wifi and outlets? Who needs to go to the Evil Mermaid Empire across the street?

My friend was already there, and she had a regular size cup of coffee and some sort of cookie or cake.  When I went to the order counter, there was only 1 barista working. It took about a minute to get her attention and  I ordered an iced chai latte.  At first I was going to get the “large” (old habit from being a Starbucks customer) and she said “32 ounces?” and pointed to the sample cups.  Holy moly, a large is equivalent to the Trenta. Uhhh, no, make it a medium size (24 ounces), with soy, please.  (I should have taken a photo of the cup sizes)

The iced chai came to $4.00 and change, which I think is a bit cheaper than the Evil Mermaid.  I sat down and chatted with my friend, and the barista brought the drink to my table.  How cool is that?  That’s service.

There’s also a self serve coffee area, where you can choose among a huge variety of freshly brewed coffees.

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of food options, especially if you’re looking in the ways for savory items.  It is definitely not a lunch place. At 11:00 they had no bagels, and a handful of pastries left.  If you’re looking for a coffee or tea drinks (they also have Mighty Leaf teas), this is a place to kick back… only if you can find a seat!

PS: There are a few tables outside, but they allow smoking (evidence of used ash trays).

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