Santa Ana: Sit Low Phó and Chunk-n-Chip

On a lazy, rainy Saturday, we decided to head to the 4th Street Market in downtown Santa Ana for a bowl of phó at Sit Low Pho. The last time  I had the standard bowl, but this time I decided to have Stephen try the phó with the grilled beef bone and the perfect egg.  My phó was a regular bowl with added brisket. On a whim, I decided to add a 4-piece order of eggrolls, too.

Since the last visit, Sit Low Pho expanded their menu a little bit, adding more variety to their food, and also finally added a sign above their store.  In the back I could see the staff grilling the beef bone, and the pot of broth for the phó was even bigger than before.  They were ready for this rainy day crowd!

The food took about 15 minutes, and the bowl of phó came out on 2 trays, filled to the brim with broth spilling over. On a third tray was the eggrolls, colorfully garnished with lettuce, basil, and 2 sauces: peanut and fish sauce.

The bowl was an endless bowl of noodles and meat.  I kept digging and digging, and it never seemed to stop. Stephen said the egg was good… not quite runny but definitely soft.  The meat fell off his beef bone as he gnawed on it.  Quite honestly, we really didn’t need to order the eggrolls (plus they were a bit overcooked, borderline burnt) as we were extremely full from the phó .

We needed something to take away this salty taste and to help digest this heavy meal.  Across the food hall was Chunk-n-Chip, and they have ice cream sandwiches, or Sammich as they call it.  We decided to share a scoop of their Lavender Blueberry ice cream, which hit the spot.  Nice and creamy with the hint of lavender! Perfect way to end a meal.