Global Pet Food Outlet

This Pet Food store is located in an industrial part of Harbor Gateway, off Normandie and Jon.  There’s no fancy store front. Its a brick colored warehouse, and the front is facing Jon… so if you’re zipping along Normandie, chances are you’ll zip right by it.

I wasn’t overly impressed with this place, and here’s why:
– Wasn’t greeted by staff. No one offered to help me as I went around in circles.
– It was unprofessional that the staff was playing ball behind the cash register.  I truly thought they had a dog in the back, and they were playing catch with the pet… only there was no pet, just 2 humans bouncing a tennis ball back and forth.
– Never offered the information that I could save 2% if I paid cash. I had to find out later as I was preparing to write my yelp review.

Normally i frequent Anaheim Pet and Feed (as I live in Orange County) and this place reminded me of that place.  Global has a bigger selection of dog food and raw food.  Their snack / treat selection though, isn’t that large which I really came here to buy.

This place has the commercial brands, but they also sell organic, holistic, and food you can only find at Pet and Feed stores.  And, since it is a “feed” store, they have food for pets which are not necessarily canine or feline.

When you walk in, there’s a room to the right. That’s the cat and raw food area.  You can find a decent selection of dry and canned cat food, and multiple refrigerators filled with various brands of raw food. Prices are competitive, and I purchased a dozen Blue canned cat food. The main part of the warehouse has aisles of dog food from Purina to quality brands like Blue to the human grade brands like Honest Kitchen.  Prices vary depending on brand, and size.  I did find a bag of holistic dog food and raw dog food to try.

I ended up spending $118 for my pet food and treats.  If I need pet food, and didn’t have time to go to Anaheim Pet and Feed, I’d come back. For treats? I don’t think so.