Anaheim: Celebrating birthdays at Carolina’s Italian

What a difference a week day can make!  The last time Karen and I came here, it was midweek, and the place was not busy at all.  Then again, Carolina’s had just opened, so many people didn’t know about it.

Fast forward to one month later.  It’s a Friday night at 5:30 pm, and the place was packed.  Even parking was hard to come by. We wanted to celebrate 3 birthdays, and lucky I had called for reservations.  Originally I had made it for 6:30, and then changed it to 5:30.  Unfortunately, they forgot to update my request from 6:30 to 5:30 pm.  No worry, they made up a table.

img_6212I remembered from last time the portions were big, so I suggested we all share 4 pasta dishes, even added an antipasti and a pizza.  Six dishes didn’t sound like a lot, but it fed all of us, and even had leftovers!

Each pasta dish came with a house salad, which was enough for 2 to share.  So the 4 salads was enough for the 8 of us to start.  Then the bowls of pasta came out, and we started digging in.  Our server came out with the complimentary cheese bread, and we were in carb heaven.

Meanwhile, as we were eating the pasta, I realized they forgot our antipasti.  The waiter apologized and the order came out shortly.

Later, we realized we didn’t have our pizza.  The server apologized that the pizza order was backed up, and would be out shortly as well.  It did come out about 15 minutes later.. piping hot, with the liquid cheese oozing.


After dinner we quickly opened gifts, and had coffee.  Plenty of food for the table! Four bowls of pasta, a salad and pizza.. and we still had leftovers!