Gardena: Rascals Teriyaki Grill

Rascals Teriyaki Grill has 3 locations: Torrance, Long Beach, and Gardena.  It’s a fast food place serving up not just teriyaki, but Japanese style curry, chicken and gravy, burgers and chili dogs.  You stand in line, place your order, and in 10 minutes you get your food when your number is called.

The regulars come here for the big portions and for their famous Chinese Chicken Salad, which you can get by itself, or with a deluxe combo.  The line for take out was as long as to dine in.

The trays were lined up on the counter, getting ready for the next customer’s order. Aside from the big portions, the prices are affordable, making this even more popular.

The only negative thing I can say is their staff needs to clean more.  The tables were still sticky from the last customer’s food residue (ie: teriyaki sauce or food in general) and their trash piles up very fast, because they use foam plates which don’t bend or compact very well.  I do wish they would consider using environmentally friendlier plates, rather than the cheap, not so biodegradable foam.

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