Orange: Benjie’s NYC Deli

Benjie’s New York Deli brings a little bit of NYC to Orange County.  I usually stop here if I want a bowl of matzoh ball, chicken noodle soup, and a brisket sandwich.  Prices aren’t the cheapest (average price for a sandwich is $12) but they do give you piled high sandwiches and hearty size portions.

I met Karen here for dinner on a Wednesday.  They have a Happy Hour in their newly remodeled bar, but it was too busy, so we ate in the dining room.  At 6:00 pm, there were mostly seniors, and a group of women who looked like they stopped here for a bite before heading home.  In the dining room, they have the Early Bird Special from 3:00-7:00, which is an excellent deal of an entree, choice of soup or salad, and dessert for $12.95.

Karen went for a bowl of their chicken noodle soup and a side order of potato pancakes, or latkes, while I had the brisket and gravy, served open faced. This place certainly hit the spot, and we left satisfied.